Top 5 Must-Go Coffee Shops in NYC

New York isn’t just the famous city that never sleeps, it is also famous for their small, and cozy coffee shops, aside from the generic Starbucks. Read these short overviews of the top 5 coffee shops in the busy city you can’t miss!


One of the well-known cafés in New York City, Birch Coffee is located in the Gershwin Hotel. The coffee shop features a wide variety of coffee beans harvested from the farms in the locality. Aside from their environmental-friendly coffee beans, they also have a menu of organic beers and wines that you can enjoy with their selection of breakfast and lunch dishes. The Bitch Coffee in New York City provides a hip, and friendly vibe. This small coffee shop in the district also offers a small library where you can enjoy reading while sipping their delicious cup of coffee.


This charming, small coffee shop is settled near the Tompkins Square Park, Abraço is a distinct café in the city, serving finger foods, delicious treats and espresso drinks. The inside is very small, but you can pass by here to grab a cup of coffee before going to work or school. You’re are ensured of a fresh cup of coffee every time you come visit the place, even in peak hours. Their staff makes their drinks and food with passion and care suing their semi auto coffee machine. The coffee shop itself has received numerous awards for their famous essence and hygienic and clean appearance.

Everyman Espresso

For 7 years, Everyman Espresso has attracted not just theatre lovers in the area, but also NYC tourists to try their beverages. The owner of Everyman Espresso used his tattoo to be the inspiration of the coffee shop’s logo. As soon as you enter the coffee shop, you’ll feel like you’re entering your own kitchen. The staff are very friendly as well, eager to engage in a conversation with you. Overall, the place is absolutely stunning, and they offer amazing coffees and great customer service! If you are looking for a great coffee makers for your home here’s a guide that you can trust


Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Originally based in Portland, Stumptown Coffee Roasters can now be found in the vicinity of New York City. They serve a wide variety of coffee drinks, including their most famous Hair Bender. It is currently attached to the lobby are of the Ace Hotel. You can grab your cup of coffee and be on your way, or you can stay and find a pleasant, comfortable couch to enjoy your cup of coffee. Despite being in one of the busiest places in New York, it’s still a favorite coffee shop by a lot of coffee lovers in the area. Their beverages may be high on their price, but it’s worth it since their drinks are very delicious.

Culture Espresso

They a chandelier in the center, illuminating the place, with a big table on the center where you can sit, and read or use your laptop while indulging to your cup of coffee. Aside from the coffee drinks, they also have a wide selection of pastries, like donuts of different flavors, breads, delicious cookies, and etc. The staff are also friendly, even though during peak hours with a lot customers agitatedly waiting for their orders.

Foot Massager In A Restaurant

Traditionally, businesses in the food industry have always performed well. Food is something which almost every living organism needs to survive. It’s the stuff which gives us the energy to pursue productive tasks, gives us the strength to lift large objects and carry large weights of things. Food also plays a vital role in strengthening our immune systems by providing essential vitamins and nutrients that ward off diseases.

For a small portion of people, food is just an essential everyday necessity like water or air. These people only eat food for the purpose of survival, oblivious to its taste or deliciousness. It’s pretty clear that most people don’t fall under this category. We don’t eat food for just the sake of eating, we eat food to enjoy the different tastes and flavors. For us, eating is an activity that’s just as pleasurable as watching a movie or going on a ride at an amusement park.

Given the demand for unique and tasty food, it’s no wonder that a number of restaurants have sprung up. These restaurants aim to provide different types of food which patrons will enjoy. In cities where there a large number of restaurants, people have a number of different choices to choose from when deciding where to eat it. This inevitably leads to a healthy competition where each restaurant tries to prove how it’s a better to place to eat at. By far the best result of having numerous restaurants to choose from is the additional variety in the food that’s available. Each restaurant serves different types of food. Some serve Indian cuisine, some Thai, others Italian, etc. Even restaurants that specialize in exotic cuisines such as Arabian food have cropped up.

With the wealth of restaurants that exist, how do you choose which one to eat at? The first thing that you should consider is the quality of the food since that’s what ultimately decides how good the experience will be. It’s almost never a good idea to settle for mediocre food, even if the restaurant has good ambiance and other facilities. The next thing to see is what extra services do they offer. For example, some places have a large screen television that you can watch sports on with your friends, some other places have video game consoles for you to enjoy playing games like FIFA on. Ideally, you should prefer to opt for a restaurant that offers a foot massage service. Since this service is relatively new, there are only a few places that offer this sort of service. However, the number of such restaurants is growing at a fast pace due to increasing demands.
Most people are accustomed to finding foot massages only in massage parlors. Having your feet treated by a foot massager at a restaurant, though, is a very different experience. This is because having your feet being massaged while you enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner improves the experience and makes it more memorable. The relaxation from the massage and the taste of the food work together to create a superior and relaxing dining experience. Some of the masseuses even specialize in reflex massages where they target reflex zones that can make multiple parts of the body feel relaxed at once.

Bloggers visits restaurant to take pictures

   A blogger is a person who maintains a webpage for the purpose of providing information on a particular product or aspect of human life.The website maintained and operated by a blogger is referred to as a blog. There are several types of blogs. They include food blog, news blog, lifestyle blog, health blog, fashion blog, sport blot, entertainment blog, music blog among others. A restaurant on the otherhand is a place where food and drinks are being offered for sale to people. As a matter of fact bloggers usually visit restaurants to take pictures for several reasons. Among them are:

1. Food Bloggers visit restaurants to take food pictures:

One of the types of bloggers that visits restaurants are food bloggers.These bloggers visit
different restaurants to take different types of pictures. This photography helps people to learn more about the food that is being offered in different restaurants. There are different types of restaurants that a food blogger may visit to take high quality pictures. They include, fast food restaurants, fast casual restaurants, buffet restaurants, barbecue restaurants among others. Bloggers taking pictures of restaurants produce good photographs because of the megapixel of high quality cameras.

2. Event Bloggers visit restaurants to take pictures of events:

Another category of bloggers that visit restaurants to take pictures are events bloggers. There are several events that take place in a restaurant. These includes, birthdays, graduation ceremonies, wedding anniversaries among others. These events are made more interesting due to the food and wine provided by restaurants. Event bloggers usually visit these restaurants to take great pictures for event photography collections.

3. Review Bloggers visit restaurants to take pictures for restaurant reviews:

Review Bloggers are bloggers who specialize in writing reviews on their blogs. Review Bloggers visit restaurants in order to take pictures for restaurant reviews. There are different types of restaurants that may be visited by review bloggers. These includes fast food restaurants, casual dinning restaurants, family style restaurants, barbecue restaurants, cafe restaurants, coffee restaurants among others. The pictures taken from these restaurants are used for review photography for review blogs. Review Bloggers taking pictures of restaurants for review produce good photographs because of the megapixel of high quality cameras.

4. Survey Bloggers visit restaurants to take pictures for surveys:

Survey bloggers are bloggers who post different surveys on their website. The aim of this survey is to ask questions from people and get their opinion in respect of a particular subject, Survey bloggers may visit restaurants to take pictures for survey. These pictures are used to make high quality survey photography in order to get the opinion and response from several restaurant customers. There are several types of restaurants that may be visited by a survey blogger. They include Cafe Restaurants, Barbecue Restaurants, Cafeteria Restaurants, Coffee Restaurants among others.

5. News Bloggers visit restaurants to take pictures for news:

News Bloggers are another category of bloggers that visit restaurants to take pictures. These pictures are developed and used to make news photography. There are several types of news bloggers that visit restaurants to take pictures for news. They include, local news bloggers, national news bloggers and international news bloggers.

Gun themed restaurant

food industry requires creativity in getting the right theme for all painting, floral arrangement, table arrangement and general customer service. The outlook matters a lot in the food service industry; even of you make a perfect meal and there is a mismatch in colors and the theme you are doomed to fail in the business. The theme of your restaurant portrays your passion and public interest in a concept. A gum theme restaurant is not a bad idea, after all, who does not own a gun in America. It is like having a phone in the developing and emerging nations. What is the economic impact of a gun as a theme in your restaurant?

First, the theme gives a sense of security and protection of customers. You may wonder, is the owner a military personnel? Even thief will think twice before they make an entry to rob revelers of their hard-earned cash while in the restaurant. You cannot have a theme of a gun when you do not have an idea of the details or the passion for firearms. It is not as easy as sliding gun in holster on your pants.

 Drawing different firearms and guns on the surfaces of the restaurant is not as easy task, you need an expert in this who will work under your guidance. When it comes out as beautiful scenery appreciated by many, it enhances your creativity levels. Who hates the work of their hands? When a customer enters a restaurant and appreciated the artwork of the gun theme; what runs in her mind is perfection and innovation in recipes and meal plans in the restaurant. As an entrepreneur, do not betray the trust, instead, nurture it by using experts as chefs and professional in the customer service to maintain and enhance customer loyalty.

 When you choose the gun as your theme, use it with care all over the restaurant and avoid any confusion. Where can you implement the gun theme in a restaurant?

 At the entrance; first impressions count, let the entrance of the restaurant shout your theme. Maybe a sculptor of somebody holding a gun, think of other creations around the gun. The entrance is the focal point and introductions of similar features in the restaurant. Someone will become loyal to the restaurant just because of your creative art skills from the gun theme.

 On the floor, there is less focus on restaurant floors especially when there is limited space but have a simple art around gun theme displayed on the floor. It will enhance the gun theme.

 On the walls, when seated, the walls of the restaurant are the main attractions; use various gun accessories to maintain the gun concept in your food business. Break the monotony and vary colors, designs and different kind of guns.

 The theme of a restaurant defines professionalism, taste, and class of the management of the restaurant. Ensure you use an expert to bring out the passion in firearms in a way that does not scare them away from the business but attracts them through the display of creative art in the business. It would also give you option to share your knowledge about guns and its accessories, just like how you are updated with the Minute Man Review’s top safes for your guns. A gun theme expresses the value in security and protection essential in running the food business.

What to Eat in NYC?


New York City’s food culture is more than just the fast food chains like McDonalds. In fact, it’s so diverse that you can taste food in each country in the world in just one city. So if you ever find yourself wandering around “The City with Everything”, you should try the following foods.


In the United States, New York has one of the best pizzas in the country. Since the Italian immigrants brought pizza to NYC in the early 1900s, it has become one of specialties of the city. There are a lot of Pizza houses that you can choose in the city alone. Some of which includes the Motorino Pizza which is in East Village, and the Roberta’s Pizza. If you’re going to order in the Roberta’s Pizza, you shouldn’t miss their famous Bushwick Pizza which has a blistered crust topped with sweet-savory soppressata and honey.

You should also try NYC’s classic Midwood joint which serves pizza with the Di Fara’s signature of sausages, smoky slice, peppers, San Marzano tomatoes, mushrooms and mozz.


Hotdogs in NYC aren’t the usual hotdogs you eat back at home. The first person who sold hotdogs in the city was a German butcher named Charles Feltman who started in 1871. Since that day, it has become amongst the traditional foods of New York City.

If you want to eat some mouthwatering hotdogs, you should buy at the Crif Dogs. They have their famous Spicy Red Neck which consists of a bacon wrapped dog added with chilli, coleslaw and jalapenos. For dressing, you can add some avocado, sour cream, melted cheese, and a lot more. You also have to try the hotdogs in Nathan’s Famous which has been known for more than 90 years. They also have food trucks all over the town, so if you ever catch one, don’t forget to taste their hotdogs!


Some people say that the water makes the bagels in New York so mouthwatering, others say it’s the art of making it chewy on the inside, and sheeny and crispy on its surface. Aside from pizzas, New York City is also the home of the world’s superb bagels that you’ll be craving for during your morning stay in the city. A little bit of history, the Eastern European Jews brought the bagels in the city in the 1880s.

If you want to have the best-tasting bagels, you should try the ones in Absolute Bagels. You can choose from 16 various types, and it’s also affordable, letting you save your money for the sight-seeing. You should also try the Murray’s Bagels, who are proud of not toasting their bagels.


From the most expensive dishes to the ones you see in a food truck, NYC has also some of the tastiest burgers and sandwiches in the country. If you’re going to try in the Minetta Tavern, you should choose the Black Label Burger. Although it’s a little bit pricey, it will definitely be worth it as soon as you take the first bite. You can also try the burgers in the Umami Burger, which is the very first NYC outpost of the famous Umambi Burger chain based in California.

Michelin-Starred Restaurants in NYC

New York City is one of the cities of great restaurants, especially some of the most famous Michelin-starred. A restaurant honored with this name is already a big deal if you want more people to dine in your place. Here are some of the most famous Michelin-starred restaurants in NYC that you should give a try.


Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare

With its current popularity, booking a seat in the famous Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare is difficult and exhausting. You’ll have to call non-stop to be able to get a reservation in this Michelin-starred restaurant.

Inside, you won’t be allowed to take any pictures, since the chef wants you to have an undistracted dining experience. However, Chef Cesar’s dishes will make you remember the delicious taste of every food you ordered. The menu regularly changes as well, therefore you won’t be bored with the same list of food every time you dine in the place. Each course is very short, leaving you to order for some more. Ultimately, the place shouts all-star with its great food, stainless steel decoration and impeccable service.

Eleven Madison Park

Since Will Guidara and Chef Daniel Humm focuses on destroying the divider between the kitchen and the dining room, your overall experience in the Eleven Madison Park will be congruous. The restaurant’s staff are closely familiar with the dishes it offers. The chef even give personalized dishes to a diner.

They currently have 7 dishes in their tasting menu, aiming to make the meals shorter and provide more focus on each dish. Although, they still serve the classics including the cooked honey and the lavender roast duck. Currently located in NYC’s Madison Park, it looks grand with a hint of comfort for the diners.

Jean Georges

If you’re coming for the best value, Jean Georges offer a prix fixe lunch deal. They also have their signature tasting menu that hasn’t changed much. The vibe inside the restaurant is simple yet beautiful, completed with decorations of slightly neutral tones and shades. You can also visibly see the greenery just outside through the tall windows. Basically, being in this trendy chic restaurant gives you the feeling of excitement.

Even before you get out of your car, you can already feel the restaurant’s hospitality. Their staff are very professional and confident about what they do. Although they have a more old-fashioned way of serving the diners compared to the restaurant mentioned above, they still casually respond to conversations.

Le Bernardin

If you are a seafood lover, the more reason you should try the dishes in Le Bernardin. They prepare one of the freshest fishes and shellfishes to make quality and delicious dishes. Their menu are divided into three groups – Almost Raw, Lightly Cooked and Barely Touched. All of their dishes are influenced by French and Asian cuisines.

Even though with lots of diners, they can still comfortably accommodate them with its large open space, with a dining area and a bar lounge. But, it’s really noisy in the place, so having a romantic and intimate dinner in Le Bernardin isn’t a good choice. Like what you would expect from a three-Michelin star restaurant, their services are great and top notch in all ways.