Top 5 Must-Go Coffee Shops in NYC

New York isn’t just the famous city that never sleeps, it is also famous for their small, and cozy coffee shops, aside from the generic Starbucks. Read these short overviews of the top 5 coffee shops in the busy city you can’t miss!


One of the well-known cafés in New York City, Birch Coffee is located in the Gershwin Hotel. The coffee shop features a wide variety of coffee beans harvested from the farms in the locality. Aside from their environmental-friendly coffee beans, they also have a menu of organic beers and wines that you can enjoy with their selection of breakfast and lunch dishes. The Bitch Coffee in New York City provides a hip, and friendly vibe. This small coffee shop in the district also offers a small library where you can enjoy reading while sipping their delicious cup of coffee.


This charming, small coffee shop is settled near the Tompkins Square Park, Abraço is a distinct café in the city, serving finger foods, delicious treats and espresso drinks. The inside is very small, but you can pass by here to grab a cup of coffee before going to work or school. You’re are ensured of a fresh cup of coffee every time you come visit the place, even in peak hours. Their staff makes their drinks and food with passion and care suing their semi auto coffee machine. The coffee shop itself has received numerous awards for their famous essence and hygienic and clean appearance.

Everyman Espresso

For 7 years, Everyman Espresso has attracted not just theatre lovers in the area, but also NYC tourists to try their beverages. The owner of Everyman Espresso used his tattoo to be the inspiration of the coffee shop’s logo. As soon as you enter the coffee shop, you’ll feel like you’re entering your own kitchen. The staff are very friendly as well, eager to engage in a conversation with you. Overall, the place is absolutely stunning, and they offer amazing coffees and great customer service! If you are looking for a great coffee makers for your home here’s a guide that you can trust


Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Originally based in Portland, Stumptown Coffee Roasters can now be found in the vicinity of New York City. They serve a wide variety of coffee drinks, including their most famous Hair Bender. It is currently attached to the lobby are of the Ace Hotel. You can grab your cup of coffee and be on your way, or you can stay and find a pleasant, comfortable couch to enjoy your cup of coffee. Despite being in one of the busiest places in New York, it’s still a favorite coffee shop by a lot of coffee lovers in the area. Their beverages may be high on their price, but it’s worth it since their drinks are very delicious.

Culture Espresso

They a chandelier in the center, illuminating the place, with a big table on the center where you can sit, and read or use your laptop while indulging to your cup of coffee. Aside from the coffee drinks, they also have a wide selection of pastries, like donuts of different flavors, breads, delicious cookies, and etc. The staff are also friendly, even though during peak hours with a lot customers agitatedly waiting for their orders.

Why Cosplayers must Visit Mumbles Restaurant

A typical day of a cosplayer revolves around the theatre studios. Changing costumes to fit different characters in a bid to entertain and create comic gigs require a wholesome approach. Comic players never wake up with the plot.

 A lot goes on behind the scenes. Their daily interactions and areas they hang out determine the growth of their investment. We can’t forget the level of creativity required in the job.

When out in public, people flock around them wanting to take photos, sign auto books, or just have a good time with them. Besides the positive vibes, haters use such opportunities to bring them down.

Also, family and friends need to form part of their program of activities. Although some of their comments come in handy to improve their creative art skills, they are human. It reduces their morale. But, that is celebrity life.

These celebrities rarely have time for themselves. Therefore, cosplayers must have a” me” time away from the public limelight to rejuvenate and relax

Some of the best ways to achieve this are

  • Holiday vacation
  • A nature walk in less crowded places
  • Watching a comedy movie
  • Meditation
  • Listening to music
  • Visiting your favorite restaurant

 After a hard day’s work in theatre rooms wearing different costumes and imitating characters, it’s time to deviate your mind. Before you dash home- as much as it’s relaxing, it’s also tiresome.

Why not pass by your favorite restaurant and grab a cup of coffee as you relax? If you find yourself in New York City, visit Mumbles restaurant, and have a difference when it comes to hospitality.

In this eatery, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to engaging activities and foods or drinks to quench your hunger and thirst, respectively. You can choose to sit and meditate on your day. Alternatively, the ample space within the premise gives you a chance to engage in a game with your friends. In case you want to enhance your comic life, use the opportunity to market yourself.

A cosplayer never misses a chance for entertainment; with the permission of the authorities, get your cosplay weapons, and display your skills. The management might use your services from time to time to market their business.

 It all depends on how you use the costumes to add value to the company. You never know which reveler loves your comics and opts to engage you. Is that not more income?

Why Mumbles restaurant?

Mental freshness

Whether you come to the eatery to entertain or to enjoy yourself, the change of environment freshens your mind.

 You now look at things from a different perspective. It broadens your level of thought to get more ridiculous ideas. Remember, cosplay involves a lot of imitation, as you sit looking at people getting in and going out; how revelers handle different stuff.

All these come with the following benefits.

  • Enhances your inner drive and strength
  • Improves your level of concentration
  • Boosts your confidence
  • Removes negative energy and thoughts
  • Develops your quality of life

Sample a touch of creativity

Right from the entrance, you can’t fail to notice a bit of creativity in architectural design and even the arrangement of furniture in the restaurant. The designers and business entrepreneurs took the time to understand the aesthetic value to attract customers.

Moreover, a cosplayer has a lot to learn when it comes to creativity. You only need to have an idea for you to move your creativity to the next level.

Relieves stress and anxiety

When you have so much going on your mind either in a good or bad way, you know you need a time out to ease the pressure.

The kind of music, customer service, and the ambiance at this restaurant revitalize your strength and vigor, ready to face yet another day with happiness and passion.

Meet and greet session

As you grow your cosplay business, it’s vital to interact with fans and like-minded individuals.

Many business deals have been sealed as well as fruitful contacts have been made. It’s one place you informally meet who-is-who in the performing arts industry.

 Moreover, you get to receive both negative and positive feedback concerning your job. It’s significant in the growth of your profession and business as a whole.

The meet and greet sessions enhance your interpersonal skills. As a novice in the industry, you learn a lot.

You get to know when to say yes and when to say no to save your name from public shame.

Quality and healthy foods

As we focus on emotional health, we can’t forget the restaurant’s core business- the provision of fit and quality meals.

The fresh foods with a touch of chef’s creativity explain why they enjoy a high customer base.

The overwhelming support in their customer loyalty program is because of the value they offer to them.

 Whether you need a takeaway or want to have a tailored meal, the chefs are always there to listen and deliver your order the way you want it. Besides, all their tasty and delicious meals have nutritional information such that even if you are on a strict diet, you can still have something to bite.

High-end customer service

At Mumbles, you may think you are in a five-star hotel, yet it serves both the middles class and the high-income earners.

 Their trained personnel are a clear definition of excellent customer service. These are people who go out of their way to ensure you are comfortable staying at the business premises.

They understand diversity in culture and race. It’s one place you can’t lack what to take; however, special your diet may be.

Affordable service

Naturally, people believe that any extra service means more cost. That is a myth while at Mumbles, the meals are tasty, delicious, and affordable for all.

One unique thing about the restaurant is its ability to customize the meals to suit all customers.

Are you looking for a chance to enhance your cosplay business?

 Are you looking for new ideas?

If you find yourself in New York City, visit Mumbles restaurant for all your tasty meals and meet key players in the industry to move the business to the next level.

A day Of Pampering: Relaxing Massage For Restaurant Owners

It is difficult to manage customer, employees and general business operations. Once in a while, a restaurant owner should take a break and just relax over a cup of coffee away either at home or in another restaurant. That is not enough, to aid the body get back to normalcy after a hard day’s work then a relaxing massage is the best option. This is a way of rewarding both the body and mind. This is not an activitythat is just for fun but also it comes with numerous health benefits.

Resto Owner’s Perspective

Naturally, a restaurant owner is bound to have work-related stress which when not handled with care it may lead to depression among other ailments. This is the brainchild of the business, it is important to engage a therapist for different massage techniques to provide general body relaxation. As long as the body is relaxed then the mind is also at peace to think straight of what is expected of them to move the business to the next level.

The massage parlor uses a specified massage technique effleurage- an effleurage is a massage movement that involves a touch of specific points which sends signals to the nervous system for further action.

Massage as Conventional Medicine

The massage comes in handy to provide relief in tightening muscles to provide relief for muscle pain which may hinder the production of the restaurant owner. A message is also a form of conventional medicine. Some common illnesses are just caused by the physical activity that one engages in. In this case, the owner will be relieved of tendon and muscle tears healing that may cause the owner to be down all the time.

There is also the cognitive development of the restaurant owner. There are cases in the business where you have to spend the sleepless night thinking on how to handle crucial issues in the business. A massage provides a way of getting the best sleep. That does not mean that one will not think. It means that at the end of it all, the restaurant owner wakes up fresh and ready to face yet another day. As a result of the sleep, the mind is now like a plain notepad ready to pick what is keyed in, with an option of deleting what you think is not necessary. At the end of it all, you make the best decisions crucial for the growth of the business.

Work Out Time Table

How flexible are you and how are your agility levels to even withstand the long working hours? This is only possible when the restaurant owner is physically fit. There are some duties you cannot fully delegate; you have to be hands-on to make sure that things run to the satisfaction of the customer.

Naturally, a massage is important to enhance blood circulation to the crucial body organs. As long as the restaurant owner is healthy then be sure that the business will face minimal challenges remember he is the one who has the goal of the business. Generally, a massage is ideal to improve the quality of life for the entrepreneur for better business management.

A Gun-theme Restaurant

Over the past couple of years a ridiculous number of restaurants having varied themes like Hello Kitty, Harry Potter, ninja, Vikings, just to name a few, have opened around the world. The newest addition to this frenzy of theme restaurants is the gun themed restaurant. These restaurants forever run the risk of either becoming niche players or going a little over the top, but if you are an adventurous soul with an appreciation of old school kitsch, you might want to head out for an evening of camaraderie to your nearest gun themed eatery.

An integral part of the Second-Amendment of the US Constitution, the bill of rights – carrying arms, be it open or concealed, is legal in many parts of the United States which has inspired these owners to combine their shared passion for food and guns. Pro-gun activists and gun enthusiasts alike have championed the cause believing the right to carry a fire-arm to be a fundamental part of their freedom. But if you are not of a similar disposition, go in just for the food and the decor.

It’s not only the decor that will win your heart. They have not skimped on the food either. Some of these places have been the favourites of food critics too. Although a fairly new concept, some of these restaurants have become so popular that they often sell out of food much before closing time. Rustic, woody interiors, creaking saloon doors and entrée names packed with a punch, will transport you to your favourite Clint Eastwood western. Or it could be James Bond, SMGs, hand grenades, fake assault rifles, et al, if old westerns is not your thing.

At a few of these places it is permitted to carry a gun inside as the wait staff themselves carry fully loaded pistols in their holsters. But don’t worry, it’s perfectly safe to dine in with your family. They are given extensive training before they join and there is no chance of anything going wrong. Just sit back in plush comfy lounge chairs and sip on your favourite cocktail. They have many to offer there too, all the names are inspired from classic weapons like the Remington, Kalashnikov and Smith & Wesson. Other such places will indulge you in shooting games. They use replicas of the real deal which feel and weigh like the original ones. You could while away your time shooting objects on their plasma screen. It’s like video game but only better.

All of these wonderful reasons might still not be enough for some who are truly wary of firearms. We get it. We live in bad times and guns should be the least of our requirements. However, most of these owners cherish this theme because it brings to them the sense of protection. Prices of guns reflect that not too many people would be able to afford them, they are expensive. The world we live in is also a kooky one. There are restaurants with insane themes like the hospital, which is enough to turn people’s stomachs. They too are a hit, though. Be it hospitals or guns, people have proved time and again that they can overlook the facade and appreciate the innovative spirit and expression behind it.

Why Use Water Softeners to Restaurant’s and Home Kitchen

Pure and clean drinking water is considered as a crucial requirement for a human being. A lot of individuals are concerned about giving safe and clean drinking water to their family. At the moment, you will not have to worry anymore to provide pure and clean water to your family. But Why Use water softeners among the top rated in the market one for the restaurant’s kitchen. If you are facing a lot of trouble due to the high amount of minerals in your water, then the problem will be solved by selecting and using the softeners.

Regular water is an essential entity in the home, office or any environment for all consumers. However, irrespective of the vast amount of water around, not all water is standable. Potable water must be processed first due to various factors; one of these is hard water and is the major problem to be solved in Henley, so water softeners in Henley are quite needed.

Hard or soft

Potable water is hard or soft; hard regular water has several components such as dissolved lime and chalk as well as other minerals which can cause scales on the surfaces of contact. Hence, one can find sinks, water basins, toilet bowls, shoes and shower heads distinguishing some deposits over time. There are more possibly costly results caused by hard water which can be invisible such as clogged pipes and the deteriorating of water pumps or central heating components.

Soft water is preferred by most consumers as they provide more benefits such as cost, taste and better health in the long run.
An area which requires potable water may be supplied with hard or soft water concerning the water supplier and the available facilities, cost and form of rain. Hard water may well not be healthy for specific categories of consumers such as infants, pregnant women and the elderly. Hence, drinking water softeners should be installed in the home or premise.

Better Health

Gentle water can be generated from hard water using water softeners. Soft drinking water is preferred as it has been researched that soft water works more effectively on certain types of dry out skin conditions like careful. It is reported over some research that careful sufferers experienced a lowering of skin inflammation through the use of melted water.

Softened water has a calming effect on psoriasis which is another type of skin condition. Dermatology research linked hard water to poor skin condition in older people who were exposed to an unusually higher level of hard water during their childhood years.

Cost Savings

Soft, healthy water is calculated to offer more financial savings to the consumer from its unit installation, maintenance, servicing and replacing components such as a softener system, wires, switches, and hoses. These are very durable and efficient in consumption in many residential electrical applications such as drinking water heating system, washing machine, dishwashers, and showers.

The particular distinct higher efficiency of using soft water in water heater systems reduces scale build upward and loss of warmth.

More financial savings is also enjoyed with the lower amount of washing components used with soft drinking water; less soap, shampoos, AC, detergents, and cleaning agents are essential with regular soft water.

Why Welders are needed when Building Coffee Shop

Starting up a business is one of the most lucrative undertakings that one can consider in their lifetime. It is imperative to come up with all the necessary equipment before setting up a business. For instance, if you are looking to set up a coffee business, one of the things that you will need are the welders. There are some reasons why welders become a necessity when setting up a coffee shop; this article is created to explore some of those reasons while providing other facts about the same subject.

There is a certain level of services that the modern clients expect when they step into a coffee shop and or restaurant. Since the world has gone brilliant and business have taken the competition to a whole new level. If you have a coffee shop, it is mandatory that you up your game by having a metal coffee table. When building the coffee shop, the coffee table should be welded in a sumptuous position where clients can feel comfortable while taking the beverage. This is one of the primary reasons you will need the welders in the process of setting up the shop.

The drill doors are also vital for the safety of the coffee shop. Not all grill doors are recommendable; it is essential to come up with a design that best matches your coffee shop. If you can get someone who has fantastic welding skills, then you should consider getting in touch with them when there is still time. It takes a professional welding company to ensure that the still door is firmly positioned to avoid the unexpected visitors.

The welders might also be needed while opening a coffee shop to ensure that the construction of the scupper is done accordingly. While scuppers can be made from any material, the metallic ones are considered the best since they can be decorated with ease and are also durable. The welders can help you to set up a good supper for your coffee customers at an easily affordable fee.

Compared to Hobart Helmets, the ordinary helmets are not so good since they do not have strong sensitivity and delay setting for enhanced protection. Amid the welding process, the welders should stay safe to avoid getting hurt, which is why the Hobart Helmets are considered the best brand available on the market today.


It is accurate to mention that only a few people are aware that the welders are necessary when setting up a coffee shop. Now that you are on the know make sure to share this critical information with your peers. In case you need to know more about the services offered by the welders amid the setting up of a coffee shop, consider getting in touch with us directly. We are a company that specializes in the knowledge related to welding and welding materials. The best brands of welding helmets are available with us too. Check out our official website and get in touch with us with the open contacts. Our team of professionals will make sure to answer every question you have regarding the services that we offer.

Bloggers visits restaurant to take pictures

   A blogger is a person who maintains a webpage for the purpose of providing information on a particular product or aspect of human life.The website maintained and operated by a blogger is referred to as a blog. There are several types of blogs. They include food blog, news blog, lifestyle blog, health blog, fashion blog, sport blot, entertainment blog, music blog among others. A restaurant on the otherhand is a place where food and drinks are being offered for sale to people. As a matter of fact bloggers usually visit restaurants to take pictures for several reasons. Among them are:

1. Food Bloggers visit restaurants to take food pictures:

One of the types of bloggers that visits restaurants are food bloggers.These bloggers visit
different restaurants to take different types of pictures. This photography helps people to learn more about the food that is being offered in different restaurants. There are different types of restaurants that a food blogger may visit to take high quality pictures. They include, fast food restaurants, fast casual restaurants, buffet restaurants, barbecue restaurants among others. Bloggers taking pictures of restaurants produce good photographs because of the megapixel of high quality cameras.

2. Event Bloggers visit restaurants to take pictures of events:

Another category of bloggers that visit restaurants to take pictures are events bloggers. There are several events that take place in a restaurant. These includes, birthdays, graduation ceremonies, wedding anniversaries among others. These events are made more interesting due to the food and wine provided by restaurants. Event bloggers usually visit these restaurants to take great pictures for event photography collections.

3. Review Bloggers visit restaurants to take pictures for restaurant reviews:

Review Bloggers are bloggers who specialize in writing reviews on their blogs. Review Bloggers visit restaurants in order to take pictures for restaurant reviews. There are different types of restaurants that may be visited by review bloggers. These includes fast food restaurants, casual dinning restaurants, family style restaurants, barbecue restaurants, cafe restaurants, coffee restaurants among others. The pictures taken from these restaurants are used for review photography for review blogs. Review Bloggers taking pictures of restaurants for review produce good photographs because of the megapixel of high quality cameras.

4. Survey Bloggers visit restaurants to take pictures for surveys:

Survey bloggers are bloggers who post different surveys on their website. The aim of this survey is to ask questions from people and get their opinion in respect of a particular subject, Survey bloggers may visit restaurants to take pictures for survey. These pictures are used to make high quality survey photography in order to get the opinion and response from several restaurant customers. There are several types of restaurants that may be visited by a survey blogger. They include Cafe Restaurants, Barbecue Restaurants, Cafeteria Restaurants, Coffee Restaurants among others.

5. News Bloggers visit restaurants to take pictures for news:

News Bloggers are another category of bloggers that visit restaurants to take pictures. These pictures are developed and used to make news photography. There are several types of news bloggers that visit restaurants to take pictures for news. They include, local news bloggers, national news bloggers and international news bloggers.

What to Eat in NYC?


New York City’s food culture is more than just the fast food chains like McDonalds. In fact, it’s so diverse that you can taste food in each country in the world in just one city. So if you ever find yourself wandering around “The City with Everything”, you should try the following foods.


In the United States, New York has one of the best pizzas in the country. Since the Italian immigrants brought pizza to NYC in the early 1900s, it has become one of specialties of the city. There are a lot of Pizza houses that you can choose in the city alone. Some of which includes the Motorino Pizza which is in East Village, and the Roberta’s Pizza. If you’re going to order in the Roberta’s Pizza, you shouldn’t miss their famous Bushwick Pizza which has a blistered crust topped with sweet-savory soppressata and honey.

You should also try NYC’s classic Midwood joint which serves pizza with the Di Fara’s signature of sausages, smoky slice, peppers, San Marzano tomatoes, mushrooms and mozz.


Hotdogs in NYC aren’t the usual hotdogs you eat back at home. The first person who sold hotdogs in the city was a German butcher named Charles Feltman who started in 1871. Since that day, it has become amongst the traditional foods of New York City.

If you want to eat some mouthwatering hotdogs, you should buy at the Crif Dogs. They have their famous Spicy Red Neck which consists of a bacon wrapped dog added with chilli, coleslaw and jalapenos. For dressing, you can add some avocado, sour cream, melted cheese, and a lot more. You also have to try the hotdogs in Nathan’s Famous which has been known for more than 90 years. They also have food trucks all over the town, so if you ever catch one, don’t forget to taste their hotdogs!


Some people say that the water makes the bagels in New York so mouthwatering, others say it’s the art of making it chewy on the inside, and sheeny and crispy on its surface. Aside from pizzas, New York City is also the home of the world’s superb bagels that you’ll be craving for during your morning stay in the city. A little bit of history, the Eastern European Jews brought the bagels in the city in the 1880s.

If you want to have the best-tasting bagels, you should try the ones in Absolute Bagels. You can choose from 16 various types, and it’s also affordable, letting you save your money for the sight-seeing. You should also try the Murray’s Bagels, who are proud of not toasting their bagels.


From the most expensive dishes to the ones you see in a food truck, NYC has also some of the tastiest burgers and sandwiches in the country. If you’re going to try in the Minetta Tavern, you should choose the Black Label Burger. Although it’s a little bit pricey, it will definitely be worth it as soon as you take the first bite. You can also try the burgers in the Umami Burger, which is the very first NYC outpost of the famous Umambi Burger chain based in California.

Michelin-Starred Restaurants in NYC

New York City is one of the cities of great restaurants, especially some of the most famous Michelin-starred. A restaurant honored with this name is already a big deal if you want more people to dine in your place. Here are some of the most famous Michelin-starred restaurants in NYC that you should give a try.


Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare

With its current popularity, booking a seat in the famous Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare is difficult and exhausting. You’ll have to call non-stop to be able to get a reservation in this Michelin-starred restaurant.

Inside, you won’t be allowed to take any pictures, since the chef wants you to have an undistracted dining experience. However, Chef Cesar’s dishes will make you remember the delicious taste of every food you ordered. The menu regularly changes as well, therefore you won’t be bored with the same list of food every time you dine in the place. Each course is very short, leaving you to order for some more. Ultimately, the place shouts all-star with its great food, stainless steel decoration and impeccable service.

Eleven Madison Park

Since Will Guidara and Chef Daniel Humm focuses on destroying the divider between the kitchen and the dining room, your overall experience in the Eleven Madison Park will be congruous. The restaurant’s staff are closely familiar with the dishes it offers. The chef even give personalized dishes to a diner.

They currently have 7 dishes in their tasting menu, aiming to make the meals shorter and provide more focus on each dish. Although, they still serve the classics including the cooked honey and the lavender roast duck. Currently located in NYC’s Madison Park, it looks grand with a hint of comfort for the diners.

Jean Georges

If you’re coming for the best value, Jean Georges offer a prix fixe lunch deal. They also have their signature tasting menu that hasn’t changed much. The vibe inside the restaurant is simple yet beautiful, completed with decorations of slightly neutral tones and shades. You can also visibly see the greenery just outside through the tall windows. Basically, being in this trendy chic restaurant gives you the feeling of excitement.

Even before you get out of your car, you can already feel the restaurant’s hospitality. Their staff are very professional and confident about what they do. Although they have a more old-fashioned way of serving the diners compared to the restaurant mentioned above, they still casually respond to conversations.

Le Bernardin

If you are a seafood lover, the more reason you should try the dishes in Le Bernardin. They prepare one of the freshest fishes and shellfishes to make quality and delicious dishes. Their menu are divided into three groups – Almost Raw, Lightly Cooked and Barely Touched. All of their dishes are influenced by French and Asian cuisines.

Even though with lots of diners, they can still comfortably accommodate them with its large open space, with a dining area and a bar lounge. But, it’s really noisy in the place, so having a romantic and intimate dinner in Le Bernardin isn’t a good choice. Like what you would expect from a three-Michelin star restaurant, their services are great and top notch in all ways.