Michelin-Starred Restaurants in NYC

New York City is one of the cities of great restaurants, especially some of the most famous Michelin-starred. A restaurant honored with this name is already a big deal if you want more people to dine in your place. Here are some of the most famous Michelin-starred restaurants in NYC that you should give a try.


Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare

With its current popularity, booking a seat in the famous Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare is difficult and exhausting. You’ll have to call non-stop to be able to get a reservation in this Michelin-starred restaurant.

Inside, you won’t be allowed to take any pictures, since the chef wants you to have an undistracted dining experience. However, Chef Cesar’s dishes will make you remember the delicious taste of every food you ordered. The menu regularly changes as well, therefore you won’t be bored with the same list of food every time you dine in the place. Each course is very short, leaving you to order for some more. Ultimately, the place shouts all-star with its great food, stainless steel decoration and impeccable service.

Eleven Madison Park

Since Will Guidara and Chef Daniel Humm focuses on destroying the divider between the kitchen and the dining room, your overall experience in the Eleven Madison Park will be congruous. The restaurant’s staff are closely familiar with the dishes it offers. The chef even give personalized dishes to a diner.

They currently have 7 dishes in their tasting menu, aiming to make the meals shorter and provide more focus on each dish. Although, they still serve the classics including the cooked honey and the lavender roast duck. Currently located in NYC’s Madison Park, it looks grand with a hint of comfort for the diners.

Jean Georges

If you’re coming for the best value, Jean Georges offer a prix fixe lunch deal. They also have their signature tasting menu that hasn’t changed much. The vibe inside the restaurant is simple yet beautiful, completed with decorations of slightly neutral tones and shades. You can also visibly see the greenery just outside through the tall windows. Basically, being in this trendy chic restaurant gives you the feeling of excitement.

Even before you get out of your car, you can already feel the restaurant’s hospitality. Their staff are very professional and confident about what they do. Although they have a more old-fashioned way of serving the diners compared to the restaurant mentioned above, they still casually respond to conversations.

Le Bernardin

If you are a seafood lover, the more reason you should try the dishes in Le Bernardin. They prepare one of the freshest fishes and shellfishes to make quality and delicious dishes. Their menu are divided into three groups – Almost Raw, Lightly Cooked and Barely Touched. All of their dishes are influenced by French and Asian cuisines.

Even though with lots of diners, they can still comfortably accommodate them with its large open space, with a dining area and a bar lounge. But, it’s really noisy in the place, so having a romantic and intimate dinner in Le Bernardin isn’t a good choice. Like what you would expect from a three-Michelin star restaurant, their services are great and top notch in all ways.

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